Rik and Esthers' bits

The Three Tuns Knayton in Snow. Winter 95/96

Christmas 1995 Rik & Esther

Moor road crossroads Knayton

North Yorkshire: Leake Hillside Parishes, Knayton, Borrowby
The churches and pubs, maps, village information, events etc

Thirsk Yorkshire England our nearest town the Darrowby of James Herriot

Northallerton North Yorkshire our next nearest town!

Palm tree almost horizontal leaning out to sea at vure vure,taveuni fiji

Rik made trips to Fiji in 1994,1995 & 1996, learnt to dive and took some photo's. We both returned to Fiji in 1999

reclining Buddha, Ipoh

Esther's home country and where we both lived for a year after getting married

Vehicle used to offload container supply ships  Nauru

Rik got stuck here on the way back from Kiribati in 1996, got drunk and took some photos

Sunset from Mary's Hotel South Tarawa Kiribati

Rik made it here in 1996 despite Air Nauru, was unwell so didn't really go anywhere but took some photos and joined the local library.

View towards rapita resort morova lagoon solomon islands

Solomon Islands
Rik made trips in 1994, 1995 & 1996

Prebendary Arthur Royall There are several of Dad's articles here including:

The Surname Royall and its Variants: Explains why we spell Royall the way we do, not Royal or Royale or Ryal or the other 57 variations.

The Parish Clerks of London: "Originally, the Parish Clerk was in minor orders.."

The Streets of Poplar The origins of some of the Street names in Poplar, London E14

Links to other sites Which we find useful or just felt like plugging

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