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Ipoh is one of Malaysia's main cities about 200 km north of Kuala Lumpur. Originally founded on tin mining it has not been developed as much as Kuala Lumpur and many of the old buildings remain in the city centre. Ipoh does not seem to be on most foreign tourists' itineraries, but is worth a visit for the cave temples and particularly the food.

Ipoh is on the NS expressway and on the railway line between Singapore- Kuala Lumpur - Butterworth -Bangkok and has good express bus links. The local Airport used to (1997) have direct flights to Kuala Lumpur, Kota Bharu, Johor Bharu in Malaysia, and Medan in Sumatra amongst other destinations, but no longer operates. Ipoh is almost surrounded by dramatic limestone hills which give an impressive backdrop and are the site of cave temples like Perak Tong Temple.

Perak Tong Temple Ipoh

Perak Tong Temple Ipoh

Perak Tong Temple Ipoh with monkeys

Perak Tong Temple and resident monkeys

Mekprasit Temple Ipoh   Interior

Mekprasit Temple Ipoh Interior

Mekprasit Temple Ipoh The reclining Buddha

Mekprasit Temple Ipoh The reclining Buddha

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