Tarawa Kiribati Micronesia

Unfortunately I've only been to South Tarawa in Kiribati once (in 1996) and found it interesting but not the most exciting place on earth.

If you can get away from South Tarawa, I am told it is very good. However don't go to South  Tarawa for 2 weeks and expect to be able to organise a trip to the other islands at the drop of a hat. You need time to make contacts and you need to be flexible particularly with your departure dates. The Moon Micronesia Handbook (4th Edition) was out of date about many things but was still the best guide.

Later editions are now available.  Mary's Hotel was still there and was cheaper than the Otintaai and had a more reliable water supply. It is also close to the bank, post office and the National library. For other accommodation you will have to ask around, there is some but it's not obvious. I hope to get back with plenty of time someday.

Bonriki Airport (TRW)  kiribati just after take off
Bonriki Airport (TRW)
trw004.jpg (24349 bytes)
Tanaea and Buota
sunset from mary's hotel bairiki tarawa kiribati
Sunset from Bairiki
aerial view of s tarawa taken just after take of from TRW
South Tarawa
trw005.jpg (14006 bytes)
Bikenibeu, Tarawa

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