There is no real reason to end up on this page but if you've got lost these links might help.

Rik's personal site

Photos of Nauru, Kiribati, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Cook Islands, Vanuatu, Samoa and  Malaysia

Prebendary Arthur Royall's articles

Genealogical and historical articles, particularly the Royall familys or is that royal or ryal?, some memoirs, and about East London, its churches and street names.

Thirsk North Yorkshire

Information for residents & visitors to the area around Thirsk & Sowerby, the Darrowby of famous vet and author James Herriot (Alf Wight ).

The Hillside Parishes and Villages

Information, Events, Church services for the  North Yorkshire villages of Knayton, Borrowby, Leake, Cowesby, The Siltons, Kirby Knowle, Felixkirk, Boltby, Upsall. It's where we live most of the time.

The Family Pages

You will need your user name and password to get in here to see wedding, holiday and other photos and bits and pieces. Try the golden spaniel & tabby cat from Rik's childhood!

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