East London Churches with dates of Consecration

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The Parish Churches Of Bethnal Green

St. Matthew 1746

St. John on Bethnal Green 1823

St. Philip 1840

St. Peter 1841

St. Andrew 1841

St. James the Less 1842.

St. James the Great. Bethnal Green Rd 1844 (The Red Church)

St. Jude 1844.

St. Bartholomew 1844.

St. Simon Zelotes 1847.

St. Matthias 1848.

St. Thomas 1850.

St. Paul 1864.

St. Barnabas. Grove Road 1870,

Ten churches built in 10 years 1840-1850.

The Parish Churches Of Poplar

St. Mary the Virgin Bromley-St. Leonard. 12 century

St. Mary Stratford atte Bow. 1719

All Saints Poplar. 1823

St. Stephen, North Bow. (Tredegar Rd) 1827

Christ. Church, Isle of Dogs. 1857

St. Michael & All Angels. Bromley by Bow. 1864

St. Matthias, Poplar (formerly E. I. Co. Chapel) 1867

St. Stephen, Poplar. 1867

St. Gabriel. South Bromley. Chrisp Street. 1869

St. Luke, Millwall. 1870

St. John, Isle of Dogs. 1872

St. Mark. Victoria Park 1872

St. Saviour. Poplar. 1874

All Hallows. Bromley by Bow (Devons Rd) 1874

St. Paul. Old Ford. 1878

All Hallows. East India Dock Road. 1879

St. Peter. Garford St. Limehouse. 1885

St. Andrew. Bromley by Bow. 1901

St. Frideswide. Lodore St. Poplar 1904 (Mission 1884)

Several of these churches had existed as District Mission Churches before being consecrated and given parochial status.

There were also Mission churches which were never given parochial status such as St. Nicholas, Blackwall Stairs in the parish of All Saints Poplar.


Stepney Churches

St. Dunstan & All Saints Stepney Green. 13 & 15c

Holy Trinity. Minories . 14c

St. Mary Matfelon. Whitechapel 13c & 1877

St. John at Wapping. Wapping. 1617 & 1760

St. Paul. Shadwell 1670 & 1820

Christ. Church. Spitalfields. 1729

St. George in the East. Cannon Street Road. 1729

St. Anne. Limehouse. 1730

St. Philip. Newark Street. 1823 & 1892

St. James Ratcliff. 1838

St. Peter. Cephas Street 1838

St. Thomas. Arbour Square 1838

Holy Trinity. Mile End Old Town 1839

St. Mark. Goodmans Fields. 1839

All Saints. Buxton Street. 1839

Christ. Church. Watney Street. 1841

St. Mary (Wheler Chapel 1670) Spital Square. 1842

St. Paul. Dock Street. 1847

St. Jude. Whitechapel 1848

St. Mary. Cable Street. 1850

St. John-the-Evangelist. Halley Street 1853

St. Paul. Bow Common. 1858 & 1960

St. Matthew. Pell Street. 1859

St. Stephen. Commercial Street 1861

St. Peter. London Dock. 1861

St. John-the-Evangelist Grove Street. 1869

St. Luke. Burdett Road. 1869

St. Matthew. Commercial Road 1871

St. Benet. Mile End Road. 1872

St. Olave. Hanbury Street. 1875

Christ. Church. Jamaica Street 1877

St. Anthony. Globe Road. 1879

St. Augustine. Settle Street. 1879

St. Faith. Shandy Street Opened 1891


Blitzed (bombed) Churches In Poplar and Stepney

St. Benet. Mile End. Bombed August. 1940

St. Augustine Settle Street, Stepney Bombed 1940

St. Matthew Commercial Road gutted by incendiaries. April 9 1941

St. George in the East. gutted by incendiaries May 1941

St. James Butcher Row Shadwell gutted by incendiary bombs Sept 1940

St. John Ev. Halley Street, Stepney. Bombed 16 September 1940

St. Nicholas Blackwall Stairs, Poplar. Bombed Sept 1940

St. Thomas Arbour Square, Stepney.
Severely damaged by incendiaries 1941

St. John. Halley Street.
Severely damaged by incendiaries September 11 & 13 1940

St. Faith. Shandy Street. Stepney. Badly damaged by bomb blast. 1940

St. Cuthbert Isle of Dogs bombed 1940

St. Luke Isle of Dogs bombed 1940

St. Frideswide. Lodore St. Poplar

All Hallows East India Dock Road

St. Andrew Bromley by Bow. Bombed September 1940

St. Gabriel Chrisp Street

St. Stephen. East. India Dock Road

© Prebendary Arthur Royall

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