South Pacific Country Info

Pacific Travel Photos is a collection of travel photos taken by David Stanley while researching all eight editions of Moon Handbooks South Pacific. A few of Stanley's photographs originally appeared in his guides, while the rest are published here for the first time.

The South Pacific Organizer Pacific island travel with author David Stanley

Pacific Islands Report a daily news service Pacific Islands Development Program, East-West Center

Pacific News Online Island news at

WM's Indo-Pacific Littorals a very large set of links to the Pacific basin


The Kingdom of Tonga

Easter Island Home Page

Fiji Islands Bula Page

Fiji4Less - Affordable accommodation in the Fiji Islands

KAVA BOWL Forums - South Pacific Islands.

Worldwide Travel Info

Moon Travel Handbooks: What's New?

Lonely Planet Guides

Smilin' Jack's Aviation/Airline Directory

Travel links


Dive Gizo Solomon Islands

UK Diving resource server

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